February 8, 2016

There is a New Memory Card Format in Town

Sony QXD cardThere is a new memory card format in town, and it is called XQD™. Today Sony announced they will have two capacities available in February of this year. A 16 GB version, the QD-H16 card retailing for $129.99, and a 32 GB version, the QD-H32 card retailing for $229.99. A USB reader and an Express Card reader will also be available.

The Compact Flash Association announced the new format in December 2011. The card size, which is slightly smaller than the current Compact Flash card (38.5 x 29.8 mm for the XQD vs. 43 x 36 mm for Compact Flash), has been adopted by Nikon in the new D4, and endorsed by Canon. The Nikon D4 will have duals slots, a Compact Flash slot and a XQD slot.

The principle advantage of the new format is faster write speeds. Sony claims write speeds of 125 mb/sec, about a third faster than Compact Flash A. Estimates are you will be able to shoot 100 raw continuous images with the new Nikon D4.